Page Layout – Color vs Black and White

Color is an amazing creation. We have to admit that life would be pretty dull if everything were black and white all the time.  Sometimes though, black and white is just what we need.

Below is a page layout of a wedding album I am working on for a client – color vs black and white.

Mike & Darling Wedding - Page 022 vcolor
Full color page layout using Panstoria Digital Kit “Wedding Romantic Autumn Digital Kit”

Because the original embellishment is so ‘in your face’ it is extremely distracting on this page and it detracts your eye from the beautiful expressions on their faces.  We can change the color with a few clicks (that’s a tutorial for another day) and see what that accomplishes. Here’s what it looks like using a color from the back wall…

Mike & Darling Wedding - Page 022 vcolor2

The page isn’t “bad” but it’s just not giving me the “WOW” factor.  The eye is still distracted by the color and not able to focus on their expressions which is really what I’m aiming for here.

Black and white can give us hat in a few easy steps in Artisan (again, a tutorial for another day).  Here’s the finished product:

Mike & Darling Wedding - Page 022

Now we can focus on their eyes and their soft and beautiful expressions where we can relive the moment and be drawn in to it.

What do you think? Which do you prefer? How do you feel about black and white photography or page layouts?