My name is Yuniam Santana owner and contributor the Memories Valued website.  I’m glad you’re here!

I love preserving and sharing valued memories through photography, scrapbooking and meaningful jewelry and I love helping others do the same. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a way to share your stories through…

Meaningful jewelry you can customize

Jewelry is beautiful and adds to the beauty of individuals.  What if your jewelry could actually have meaning?  You could tell stories, share them, preserve them and enjoy them with Origami Owl customizable jewelry.

Let me help you create your beautiful keepsake.  The jewelry blog section of this site discusses topics and designs about Origami Owl Jewelry or visit my Origami Owl site directly at www.YuniCharms.Origami.Owl.com

You can also visit my Facebook page, become my VIP Member and even join me as my teammate.

Digital Scrapbooking Services

Digital photography has been around for quite some time now but how do you share your valued memories in a secure way? How do preserve them? 

Let me help you find easy solutions with digitizing services, sharing software, photo books, calendars, and so much more. 

Visit the digital scrapbooking blog section of this site or visit my Forever site directly at www.Forever.com

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