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Creative Memories Content CD Trial

I have quite a few Creative Memories content CD’s still left from a while back that I’m trying to determine if they will work with the Artisan program (the replacement program for StoryBook Creator)

My question…  Is there anyone out there who would like a Content CD FREE to try to register it with your Artisan program?  This is more of a “technical” test than anything else.  I’m just trying to see if it works or not.  It’s more of a computer-testing issue.

The CD is your free.

If you are able to enter the Activation Code in your Artisan program and it works… you just got yourself some free content.  If it doesn’t work, no harm done.

If you want it, let me know.  I’ll pay for shipping within the United States.

Here’s a list of what I’ve got…

  • Click and Fill III (2)
  • Click and Fill IV
  • Enchanted
  • Wedding Fresh Spring and Radian Summer (2)
  • Preppy Patterns
  • Reminisce Travel (2)
  • Be Young Boy and Girl
  • Fabulous (2)

Let me know if you’d like to try it out and which CD you want me to send you.  If you don’t know what each content has, you can take a look at: PDF Previews for Art Kits

Here are some helpful links:

Panstoria Digital Content

Panstoria Artisan digital scrapbooking software

Panstoria Historian


From StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager to Artisan and Historian

I was a customer with Creative Memories for over 17 years and a Consultant for three of those years. I always loved their albums, pages, tools, etc. but one of the things that I had learned to love was their digital scrapbooking line with StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager.

With the sale of Creative Memories to create Ahni and Zoe, their digital line was dissolved.

To my surprise, CM informed that their StoryBook Creator and Memory Manager programs were developed by a company named Panstoria. I was happy to know that CM sold their rights back to Panstoria and now Panstoria sells the same exact programs (with some nice enhancements) under the names “Artisan” for StoryBook Creator and “Historian” for Memory Manager.

Yes, I had to repurchse the programs eventually because since CM doesn’t exist anymore, the programs need to be ‘authenticated’ with an existing company. The nice part was that CM used to sell the SBC program for almost $70 vs Panstoria selling Artisan for only $39.95. Great deal for all involved plus we get to continue to produce great pages and digital scrapbooks.

Here are a few links to get more information:

Artisan logo  Historian store image

Panstoria Artisan digital scrapbooking software

Panstoria Digital Content

Panstoria Historian

Panstoria | Art Kit Download Finder

Art Kit Download Finder

Panstoria has created a new web tool to allow users to download art kits for which they have valid activation codes.  This is to assist users who may have lost art kits when moving their software to new machines.  All that is required is the content activation code.  You can access the tool here: Get content download link

Thank you Panstoria!

Panstoria Digital Content

Panstoria Artisan digital scrapbooking software

Panstoria Historian