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Artisan Update 12b is Now Available for Download

Panstoria’s Artisan software has a new update, 12b.  What’s included and what does it fix? Here’s the information:

Update 12b of the Artisan software fixes the following issues that were discovered since Update 12.
1) Software locks up with “Not responding” when loading certain pages.  (NOTE: This bug was caused by a recent Windows update).
2) Changes to ruler tabs on a page now prompt the user to save the page before closing it or moving to a new page.
NOTE: This is a cumulative update, so it includes all of the updates that were in Update 12, including the new uploader to the Panstoria Print Shop.  For details on the new uploader and new My Projects page, see this document: New Uploader and My Projects Page.
All together, these will provide an even better experience in your use of the best digital scrapbooking software available.
Installing the update will not affect your current projects, content, content organization, or other settings.

Where do you get the updates?  Here’s where to go:  http://www.panstoria.com/download_artisan_update

Let me know if you run into any issues. I’ll try to help.