Panstoria’s Creative Memories Digital Content Purchase and 25% Sale

Some more great news from Panstoria…  A purchase and a sale at 25% off through December 20! “Panstoria purchases Creative Memories digital content (and a sale). For many months we have been asked by our customers, “Will I be able to buy Creative Memories digital content from Panstoria after the…


121 New Digital Kits from Panstoria

Yes, you read right… 121 new kits!  Check them out by clicking here. Here are some samples… Have fun and enjoy your shopping!


User Review on Digital Scrapbooking with Historian

I have to say that I am very pleasantly surprised about the new feature in Historian… being able to create an album AND upload it directly to the Panstoria Print Shop! Honestly… I love it!  So much so that for the first time in over one year I have actually…


Artisan Update 12b is Now Available for Download

Panstoria’s Artisan software has a new update, 12b.  What’s included and what does it fix? Here’s the information: Update 12b of the Artisan software fixes the following issues that were discovered since Update 12. 1) Software locks up with “Not responding” when loading certain pages.  (NOTE: This bug was caused…


Panstoria | Introducing Artisan

Take a look at what Panstoria’s Artisan can do. Get you copy below